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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new year...

Well, if anyone actually reads this they will see that A: Either I didn't fish any more last year or B: I didn't record it.  Honestly, I didn't fish much; but I didn't blog any.  I never seem to get to fish as much as I would like, but often times there are other things going on, and fall was especially busy last year so the fishing suffered.

BUT -- It's a new year, and the new year means a new dedication to fishing more than last year... just like every year lol.  Hopefully this year things work out a little better.  On a good note, I finally had enough money to spare to get my lifetime license!  SO WORTH THE MONEY!  260 bucks spent, but now I never have to buy another state license!  To me, that's freaking epic.  Maybe later I'll spend another 260 for the trout license?  IDK... Probably, lol.

Speaking of trout, I plan on taking a fly tying class in a few weeks from Tangent Outfitters in Pembroke VA.  They do some great guide work and the cost for the tying class is so cheap (and it includes the materials) that you can't go wrong.  I'll try to remember to talk about it on here in case someone happens to stumble on this site.  The store itself has a pretty good selection of lures.  They have stuff for everything from native trout to musky!  And the cool part is most of it is known to be good stuff for the river and local lakes.  So you don't see a ton of junk like you do in most tackle shops. 

In fact, a friend and I are contemplating doing a guided trip for Musky... if that happens then I really hope to post some great pics!!!

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