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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mystery Tackle Box

So,  often times we anglers get tons of offers spammed to us, and being we are mostly men and are very susceptible to buying anything shiny we tend to "take advantage" of those offers.  Our wives seem to think we are crazy and that the "deal" we got wasn't really that good.  BUT if we had not taken advantage of that offer we would not have that one lure that's way in the back of the box that we might have to use one day... jeeze come on!

Anyway, I ran across a cool little deal which I think may be worth while.  It's called the "Mystery Tackle Box".  Basically, you subscribe at $15 a month and they send you some assortment of lures.  Some may be good, some may suck, and some may be really odd like this Dahlberg Diver Frog that was part of this months package.  Very cool looking, but... odd lol.  Anywho, you can get the first month for like $5 and try it out.  Here is a shot of what all I got this month:

I have not used any yet but here's my impression on each right out of the box.

Dahlberg Diver Frog:  Probably made to catch more fishermen than fish, but could be a good large mouth lure?

Baby Ubershad:  This guys looks like a hit.  Perfect size for our small mouth and with the swimming tail a slightly different look than all of the other "flukes" on the market.

Sidewinder:  A good sinking worm like a Senko but more of the zipper style and has internal rattles.  I think this guy may be great for cool days and anywhere you would use a shakey head  or senko. 

Ugly Otter:  This guy could easily be a replacement for the brush hogs we all through in the deep brush.  I think this will have a slower fall and should flutter the appendages great on the fall.

4/0 Mustad EWG Hooks:  I think we all know this type of hook, and the brand Mustad.  May not be something new and exciting; but definitely a solid hook.

Now once I get the change to try these fellers out this spring, maybe I'll touch back on them and see how they really fared...

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